Christian Conversion

Have you ever as a Christian, converted anyone to Christianity?
If so, how did you do it?
What words did you use to get that person to see Jesus for the first time?

I think about this a lot, it seems that as Christians we are too busy judging and condemning people, we don’t have time to bring anyone to Jesus anymore.

We are protesting at national mall about how bad homosexuallity is, how bad gay marriage is.
We are busy throwing our bombs of righteous judgement at that abortion clinic.

We go to the salon just to gossip about what so and so is doing, “did you hear that Bob is leaving Cheryl for his secretary? ”

Our presence is felt at these places because we are very quick to let people know that we are the righteous Christians, but we aren’t helping anyone when we gossip about them, or when we judge the girl who is considering an abortion, or the teen who struggles with same-sex attraction.
To be clear, I am not saying abortion is ok, I am not saying homosexuallity is ok. I’m saying that these are real issues not to be taken lightly.
When we judge the girl that got herself pregnant and is worried about what her parents will say so much that she thinks the abortion will be easier than her parents finding out, we aren’t helping her.
When we judge the teen who says that he or she is struggling with same-sex attraction, we aren’t helping them.

This issue of same-sex attraction is a big deal, the same way a husbands addiction to pornography is a big deal.
Both are sinful in nature if they give into that temptation.
God is clear in what He calls sin, but when someone tells you that they struggle with this, are you caring enough to listen to them?
They may be trying to tell you that they know it’s wrong and they don’t want to feel that way, but they do. They are asking for your help, your guidance and at the end of the day they need you to bring them to the Father.

The point of this message is that Christianity today needs a revolution, a reformation if you will, like the kind we saw back in the fifteenth century with Martin Luther leading the way.

We are so hung up on modern lifestyle and modern day sin that we can’t even see our problems anymore, it’s time we get back to the basics. If we could get to the individual person first and then get to their sin we would be doing everyone a favor.

I have some freinds who are no longer in the church and some who never were, but do you know what the biggest issue is when it comes to people leaving the faith? It’s other people, one friend specifically told me that the reason he no longer attends church is not because he doesn’t believe, it’s because the people act differently on Sunday morning than they do Sunday afternoon. He said you could walk up to people in the lobby and get a hug and a “hey how are ya?” And when trying to get out of the parking lot the same person would cut you off and speed away like it’s the Indianapolis 500.
Isn’t that sad? It wasn’t even an atheist who convinced him to leave the church, it was other church goers.

We need to give ourselves a reality check people, we are the ones steering people away, not other religions, not un-believers, not the government, not even the devil, it’s us.
People who used to go to church are now being welcomed into a spiritual life that is not Godly, by people who act Godly but don’t follow His word, these contradictory beliefs are more welcoming and friendly than we are.
Maybe this is a lie told by the enemy to make people feel welcome somewhere other than their local Christian church, maybe it’s because the people leaving were going to leave anyway, or maybe we pushed them away.
However you look at it the church is shrinking and we aren’t helping, how the rest of our society perceives Christians is not good as it is, then we show up with our megaphones and preach from across the street of a rock concert informing them all they’re going to hell. How many of those people are going to turn around and join us? Not one.
That is not how Jesus handled sinners, that is not how Jesus handled us.

We can walk down the street of any city and thump people on the head with a Bible, how many of those people are going to get down on their knees and repent right then and there? Not a single one.
If anyone could have done that, it would have been Jesus. But He didn’t, He humbled Himself before God and before us and then and only then did He get to us, to me and to you.

We’ve gotta stop telling ourselves that we can change the world by condemning it, change happens one soul at a time. I am not Jesus and neither are you.
Jesus could transform an entire crowd, I can’t.

So before I join the protests against gay marriage, and tell the world what I’m against. I think they need to know what I/we are for, kindness, gentleness, love, family, self sacrifice, and ultimately, Jesus.

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