Truth as an offensive

The liar
The enemy
The great deceiver
The destroyer
The accuser
The adversary
The beast
The antichrist
The father of lies

These are just some of the names for the devil in the Bible, since Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, the perfect name for the devil is the father of lies.

The goal of the father of lies is to make you question everything that is Jesus Christ, make you question what is true, what is right, and what is honorable.
He will make you doubt yourself, doubt the Bible, and doubt your pastor.
He will convince you that your sins aren’t that bad, he will tell you that everyone else is doing it, that it’s no big deal.
He does this by changing the perception of sin, if he can make you think differently about what the Bible calls sin, then twisting the truth is not nearly as hard. Soon you’ll be agreeing with the world and accepting sin as a part of our culture.

One of the lies that he put out there is the lie that truth is relative, meaning truth is different for every person.
Like something that’s true for me, is not true for you.
For example, it is true that when the temperature reaches 80 degrees I would say “it’s hot” and you could say “no, its nice” and another could say “no, its still kind of cool.”
In actuality this has nothing to do with truth, it’s an opinion.

This lie is designed to make you question the very truth that you and I believe to be the truth, Jesus.
Crossing the lines between opinion and truth, is just one tactic to make you question truth, some things are opinions, like what temperature makes you feel hot.
Some things are truth, like if I were to put a nail through your wrist, that would be painful.
This is not an opinion, this is truth.

Here’s another one, in order to live we all need to eat and drink, if truth was relative then this wouldn’t be the case for everyone, some people would not need to eat, at all.
We all know that is not true, our bodies need sustenance, food and water to fuel us.

Sadly this method of questioning truth is working on some people, some say that we are in the age of enlightenment, an age of relativism, they say there is no truth except what you decide to be true in your life, if it’s true that you believe their is no God, then that is true, if you believe in aliens then this is true, for you.

It works so well that thousands of books have been written by unbelievers saying in very complicated language that there is no God, there is no truth, there is no spiritual side of life.
All designed to make you reject the Bible as our absolute truth.

Many people have been “enlightened” by this new view on truth, there are some who now say there is no absolute truth.
Disagreeing with everything the Bible says about creation, about life and death, about salvation, marriage, parenting, and God himself.
If there is no truth that is absolutely true, then this means that the truth in the Bible only applies to the people that believe in the Bible. Then the rest of the world is exempt from the way of life described in the Bible.

Do you see how this way of thinking can alter the way you look at the world?
If we allow this way of thinking into our world then we are going to be living in a world that accepts everything, every way of life and allows said lifestyles to be a part of the fabric of society because these different ways of thinking are supposedly true for them and we have to tolerate it, accept it or be persecuted for the truth that we believe in that simply won’t be tolerated or accepted….. oh wait we’re already there.

At the end of the day, truth is truth. It is not different for me than it is for you, like God, I don’t need to defend it, I do need to talk about it because the assault on truth is the same thing as the assault on God, because God is truth.

Truth is like a lion, no need to defend it, let it loose and it’ll defend itself.”
-Augustine of Hippo
aka St Augustine.

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