Thou Shalt Not Murder.

1.6 million babies die every year in the U.S alone, these babies die in a clinic, killed by doctors who are supposed to protect life.
These babies die because they are an inconvenience to their parents, or they aren’t the boy or girl they hoped for, or the two people that got together in the making of this baby were just having fun and didn’t take steps to prevent the pregnancy.

Abortion supporters say that this is an issue of choice or freedom, that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to allow this baby to live in her body.
I read an article last week saying that men against abortion want to

“control their women”

For these men it’s not about the baby but about controlling the woman, these men want their women to…

“stay at home, cooking and cleaning and waiting on their husbands hand and foot.”

Men against abortion are womanizers and believe they are superior to the woman, and he says no to have the abortion because he is in control of her and her body.

That is the most rediculous idea I’ve ever heard, the men they are describing could not care less about the woman or the baby, for these men it wouldn’t matter if she lived or died, not to mention the baby.
The kind of men they are describing aren’t pro-baby or pro-woman.
These men are more likely to support the murder of a baby than to oppose it.
Men that beat their wives into submission are not going to care if you murder his baby.
The rest of the men in this country can’t speak up against abortion because if they do, they’ll be labeled “anti-woman” as if that makes any sense at all. Trust me there are men out there whose babies have been murdered and they can’t say anything about it because it’s a…

Woman’s right to choose

Strangely enough, feminists accuse the pro-lifers of being anti-woman.
In what world is killing 800,000 girl babies pro-woman?
Maybe it’s just me, but if our population of females grew by 800,000 every year, wouldn’t that be 800,000 more women that could potentially join women’s rights groups? Every year?

Some even claim that the only reason people are against abortion is because of their religion, yes religion plays a role in this because our creator, God said not to murder, so Christians stand up on this issue, not to be anti-woman but to be anti-murder.

At the core of every pro-lifer is a sadness for the babies that die, it’s not about the women, it’s about the babies.
Feminists turn it into a women’s rights issue, pro-choicers turn it into an individual’s rights issue, pro-lifers are making it a LIFE issue, at the end of the day, a woman makes the choice, feminists get the win (in many cases by killing a little girl, who could have been their biggest voice) and the baby gets….

Call it a choice.
Call it a women’s right issue.
Call it whatever you want, I call it a choice that led to a woman committing murder.

I know that by saying this I am an…

“Old fashioned, religious nut job who just wants to control women and have men rule the world while ladies stay at home cooking and cleaning”

And that is, if you know me, the biggest joke ever.

Abortion ends life, by definition that is murder.


Please don’t misinterpret this as anything other than what it is, a plea for women to think about the life inside of then before they go through with it.
Have an ultrasound first, watch a video of what happens during this process, talk to someone who has already done this and you’ll see its the wrong choice, but most of all pray to God for help and He will.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting.

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