Jesus is who He says He is. Not just a good teacher.

Many atheists and agnostics make fun of the Bible, saying it’s an outdated book of fairytales and children’s bedtime stories, they wanna know why we believe Jesus lived, based on a two thousand year old book, how do we believe Jesus is our saviour based on a book that’s been translated over and over again.

Well first off, the Bible is translated from actual manuscripts (copies of the original) directly into our English language, yes you lose something in translation but it is entirely accurate in what happened.
Secondly, the Bible does not prove that Jesus existed, Jesus’ existence proves that the Bible is true.
Think about it, even if we didn’t have the Bible, Jesus is still our saviour.
We just wouldn’t know it, the Bible exists to document what happened, from a historical perspective with eyewitness accounts.
Even if the atheists want to make fun of our Bible it still does nothing to disprove the real life of Jesus.
Especially since we’ve had many historians from the secular world state that their actually was a living, walking, breathing, preaching, teacher named Jesus.

Speaking of historians, they agree that Jesus lived, but when they talk about Christianity and how it rose they can’t explain it.

Karen Armstrong, aforementioned historian, says that Christianity rose against all odds, she does not know how it got to have such a large following, just that during the first three hundred years A.D, Christianity and it’s influence grew exponentially.
That’s a strange thing to say when, given that being a Christian at that time very likely meant death, in a very painful, torturous way, not only for the believer, but also for his/her family. (Sound like anything happening today?)
Therefore, it stands to reason that Christians were believing in something that actually happened, someone that actually was who He said He was, and not just a good teacher, like secularism would have you think.

If he was just a good teacher, Christianity would have died with Jesus.
Right after Jesus died, his disciples scattered, why?
Because they feared they would be next, so why are their still Christians?
That ones easy, Jesus died and then He rose from the dead, He had a meal with His disciples, He spent another forty days teaching and preaching before going home to be with the Father.

Jesus wasn’t just a good teacher, He wasn’t just a guy who said some awesome things and healed some people, fed some people, He ROSE from the dead.
If the guy I follow can rise from the dead, I don’t care what you can do to me, I’m with Him.

Quick question, how many atheists are willing do die for their beliefs, how mang with a gun to their head and someone yelling “deny your beliefs” would actually die for it?
If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, his disciples would have known it, and when it came down to it, they would have changed their story to save their life.

This is the reason why Christianity and the Bible are still around today, Jesus died and came back to life, you can threaten to kill a lot of people who don’t believe and they will say whatever you want them to say, but early Christians were being killed off because they would not deny Jesus, because they saw Him, after He died.

Since Jesus left His mark on history, people have been trying to stamp Him out, they’ve been trying to get rid of His followers, and while many have died in His name, we aren’t deterred, His teaching continues, His message of love has outlasted all attempts to get rid of us.

Go ahead and make a mockery out of me for being a Christian.
Go ahead make fun of the Bible.
Go ahead and try and silence us, get rid of us, kill us.
Jesus isn’t going away, nor are His followers, and the Bible will still be around until the end of time.

The fact is when atheists acknowledge that Jesus existed, and I have personally chatted with several atheists who say that, I am reassured that they haven’t completely dismissed Him, and that means I’m going to keep trying.
Even if they deny Him completely, I know they are going against some of their own people, because objective historians will not deny His existence, they only deny His sovereignty, and that is an open door for me to talk about Jesus.

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