The Unrealistic Depiction of “Beautiful” People in Culture Today.


Living in North America we sure are obsessed with vanity and beauty aren’t we?
Grocery store checkout aisles are filled with magazine covers that promise to show you how to be beautiful, how to get thin, how to be sexy, get the perfect guy, date the hottest girl, all promising to transform you into the best version of you with little to no effort or your money back, but wait, there’s more, buy this magazine for a free trial of the latest diet pill that will help you shake off that baby weight and turn your hubby’s love handles into a firm tight six pack, ooh la la.

Turn on the TV after a long day at work and be pummeled with more commercials from Revlon and Oil of Olay, guaranteeing that their cream will make you look younger, and their lipstick will make you irresistible.

If your lucky like me to have a DVR and you can fast forward all those commercials, don’t worry your favorite show will make sure that you are exposed to just the right amount of advertising to keep you hooked on the storyline, and those beautiful actresses and actors will still make you feel inferior, no matter how many bullets they dodge they still look amazing, it’s gotta be the clothes they wear, or the car they drive, I have got to get me one of those.

Pop cultures hottest people, you know the ones on TV, jump from bed to bed and somehow remain freinds with all of the people they sleep with, they must be doing something right, look how hot they look, and they’re like forty years old, thanks to that sexy suit Barney wears on How I Met Your Mother, he looks good in that expensive suit, maybe if you wear a suit you could seduce a lot of women too, heck Barney can do it, he has a new woman every night, why can’t you?

It pains me to tell you this (no it doesn’t) but if you are relying on your good looks to get you through this life, if you use your beauty to get what you want, and if your identity is in your looks, someday it’s all gonna come crashing down, no one has that external beauty forever, not in this life.
Trying to achieve the front page type of fake beauty is unrealistic and I hoe for your sake you can see that.

Alright I’m done, I’m just getting sick of all the superficiality, not even the people on “reality” TV are real, I mean actually real.
Every once in a while you get an actor on a TV show or movie who appears normal but they never stick around too long, they are a minor character to begin with and then they are either killed off or the character moves away.

Don’t get me wrong I love movies, especially a good action flick, but sometimes I just want to see something real.

Christian movies, or faith based movies are few and far between, most don’t have a big Hollywood style budget, the ones that do don’t stick to the truth.
Have you seen the big budget version of Noah? What a joke, this is so far away from the original story it’s unrecognizable, rock monsters that are actually fallen angels? Come on.
The account of Noah in the Bible is awesome enough without all the Hollywood pizazz thrown in.

I have seen a couple of really good movies with a storyline centered around real Christians and real struggles with the real world.
If you haven’t seen Courageous yet, you should, Grace Unplugged was also really good, Facing the Giants, God’s Not Dead, also have great story lines.
Maybe these movies don’t have academy award winning actors playing the role of the average Joe, but at least the people are real, and look real.

My whole rant is based on the fakeness that seems to be distracting us from what’s real. I hear people make jokes about the Christian faith, and when you see a movie like Noah I can’t say that I blame them.
Hollywood took a true story and turned it into a farce, the very fairy tale that people accuse us of believing in.

I have been looking forward to the movie Exodus, haven’t seen yet but I will be watching it soon, I hope I’m not disappointed.

How does a Christian address the vain and superficial world we love in, how are we going to influence our culture when the opposing side has all the power to make us look like idiots, and some of our very own Christian brothers and sisters help them with this untrue stereotypical perception of Christianity.

Desperately we need to turn back to God, forget about our vanity, our selfish desire to be lusted after, drop all the hatred towards the rest of the world, get down on our knees and beg God to help us, He is the only one who can and until we admit that we have no chance, if we don’t admit it soon the world we live in is going to change and not for the better.

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