Public School or Home School or Private School?

The debate amongst Christians continues, what is the best way for our children to get a good education without sacrificing their belief in God?

I give the utmost respect for all the parents that opt to home school, it’s a huge responsibility, it’s no small deal to teach your kids math, writing, geography, history, not to mention the topic of puberty.
In order for you teach these topics, you have to know what you’re talking about, you can’t just give the kids a book and expect them to figure it out, home school teachers/parents have to be just as involved (if not more) than public school teachers.
On top of all that, it seems that it’s mostly moms that do the schooling, add to that the regular household duties like cooking and cleaning.

Teaching your children at home is probably the only way to ensure that their faith does not come under attack, people in a position of authority are not going to tell them that they are wrong.
Think about it, as long as you are the one teaching them, no one is going to try and teach them that their is no God, no one is going to try to teach them that we evolved over millions of years, no one is going to teach them about gender identity and sexual orientation and transgenderism.
The only problem with this is,
as long as you are the only one teaching them,
you aren’t going to be around forever.

The moment that your kids leave home they will be blasted by the secular world we live in, and by that time who knows what society will look like.
I know that at some point you have to let them go and just hope that they will remember everything you taught them, that goes for all three of these schooling options.
My concern is if you shelter your kids from the world and everything in it, they are going to have one heck of a culture shock, if you’ve opted for home school I see no other option than you being the one to talk to your kids about all the things that are happening out there, because if you don’t, your kids are going to wonder why, and then they may just start exploring all of these strange new ways of life that a lot of other people are living, the things you taught them at home aren’t being talked about out in the real world and if they are, it’s in a negative light.

Homeschoolers, please make sure to include the happenings of the outside world in your teaching, tell your students/kids that our culture is going to try and convince them of the very opposite of what you taught, being a stay at home mom/teacher means that you have to be the one to teach them about homosexuallity, not just whether or not it’s right or wrong, but the fact that it exists, you have to teach them about the theory of evolution, not that you agree with it but that this is what a lot of people believe, and then you have to teach them about how to deal with scenarios that go against your teaching.

Private School,
If I could afford it, my children would go to a local Christian school that is recognized by the government, somewhere that they would get a good education that also includes God in their day to day teaching.
Problem is, many private schools (at least where I live) are either not recognized, therefore post secondary education wouldn’t be an option, or is far too expensive for the average person to afford.
I understand why it’s expensive, their is not enough paying students to cover the huge overhead that a school needs, teachers and administrators can’t work for free, and the government has requirements that have to be met, even for private schools.
That said, I’m still concerned about what happens after graduation, kids that haven’t been told about what’s going in the world are still going to be blindsided by the hateful way secular society treats believers.
Sheltered kids have a history of rebellion, once they are exposed to everything that is western society, they’re going to need therapy, or they’ll be M.I.A while they explore this strange new world without anyone telling them they can’t.
Sorry, I know I’m rambling again, I don’t mean any disrespect, it’s this broken world we live in that stresses me out, why does it have to be so hard?

Option 3, public school, doesn’t it just make you cringe?
All the kids whose parents can’t afford private school or cannot teach at home send their kids to that public school, every kid, from every walk of life go to public school, that means it has to be free from religion because all religions attend and schools can’t be fair to all of them.
I know I’ve gone on and on about why our government and public schools suck, but this is where my kids go to school, why? I’m not smart enough to home school and I can’t afford private school, so the onus is on me and my wife to teach our kids about Jesus and what He did for us, it’s on us to react when they come home from school and tell us about what the teacher said, when they question me about the theory of evolution, we will be there to talk it out, when they educate me on the human anatomy, we will be there to pray it out, and when they ask me about things that even I don’t understand, we will be there to ask God about it, together.

Still, there are concerns after graduation simply due to the fact that in out world of free love, do whatever you want when you want and with whoever you want, as a young person breaking out into the world they are going to be tempted, I equate this time of trial to the time Jesus spent in the desert, not because our kids will be perfect and deny themselves, but because of all the temptation they will face once we aren’t around everyday to help them discern right from wrong.

The choice you make for your children’s education is up to you, but it’s not one to be taken lightly, no matter which one you choose you, the parents will have to be there everyday, either to encourage them, correct them, or just to talk it out.

Thanks for reading, God bless.

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