Over thinking

You know, I read, a lot.
Blogs mostly, I read books about Christian theology, apologetics and the occasional Christian self help type of book.
There is always a free e-book from one pastor or another, I’ve read pretty much all of Mark Driscoll’s books, some by Andy Stanley, I read a really good one called “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” by Norman L Geisler, I would recommend that to anyone who has questions or doubts.
Like I said though, blogs are my main source of reading (besides the Bible), especially on the topic of religion, the opinions of people fascinate me.
I used to read the opinion section in the newspaper, which lead me to think things about people that I’m not proud of.
The opinions in blogs though I could read all day, yeah I still don’t understand how people make the statements they do and still live in today’s society.
If you want to see a range of opinions that go from one extreme to the other just type in blogs on religion, and prepare to have your mind explode.

Be careful though before you try this because people say a lot of mean, hurtful things on the Internet, especially towards Christians, so before you take to the world wide web just know you are going to see some things that you don’t like.

Reading all these opinions has me thinking, do people over think religion?
Do people for or against Christianity think about things so much that they eventually talk themselves out of what they are trying to convince others of?

I was reading an article yesterday written by a Christian, actually he’s a pastor at some church in the states, in this article which seemed to go on forever, he talked about which books of the Bible address homosexuallity and then went on to say that homosexual marriage is ok, because what the Bible really means is that you should not have sex before you get married (which is true) and that it doesn’t say not to marry someone of the same sex (not true), just that you should only have sex within the confines of marriage, it doesn’t matter what gender you are.
If you want the Bible to say that homosexual marriage is ok, then you are going to find a way to make it say that, if you want to find a way to justify murder, read until your eyes fall out and you’ll be able to twist the right verses in just the right way to make it say exactly what you want.

what really gets under my skin is that pastors are doing this.
Pastors are supposed to teach us God’s word, not tell us what we want to hear, pastors are feeling pressure from all sides, I understand that but we have some pastors in the good ole U.S of A that are conforming to the world and have forgotten the truth to make room for what the people want to hear, not what they need to hear.

I am all for reading, studying and talking about scripture, however if you’re reading the Bible with a goal to find what you’re looking for, then I’m sorry but you’re reading for the wrong reason, the Bible is about God’s will and how we can submit to it, not about how to find our will and make God approve.


My wife and I were reading this yesterday from the book Jude, and I couldn’t help but think how fitting it is in today’s world.

To think that ungodly people worm they’re way into our churches only to force change from the inside is, worrisome, to say the least.

What is the next step for us then? Let the culture determine what happens inside our churches?
The world we live in does not want the truth, they want what makes them feel good, they want rainbows and unicorns and fuzzy little bunny rabbits (sorry I get a little sarcastic sometimes) speak the truth and get labeled, that’s OK by me, Jesus said that we would be hated for believing in Him, that’s how I know where I stand.

This is a plea for all who say they are Christian, don’t cherry pick the Bible to make it say what you want.
Read it and ask God to clarify the things you don’t understand, don’t use it to justify a lifestyle, don’t use it judge others, and please don’t use it as weapon.

The Bible was written for us, not about us.
So when you read, keep in mind, it’s all about Jesus.

Remember, don’t over think it, the Bible is clear, leave personal agendas out of it and you’ll see what God is talking about.

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