Dads, where are you?

What happens at the end?
What do you think about when you’re on your last days? Hours? Minutes?
Are you scared or relieved?
Do the decisions you made haunt you?
Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?
Do the people you’ve hurt come to mind? Or do you think only about the people you love?
Is it your family that runs through your mind? Did you show your wife that you love her?
Were you a present father or were you too busy?

These are the things that I wonder when I see someone nearing the end, or people that are dealing with the imminent death of a loved one.

The fact is my friends that we all go at some point, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter how important you are, or think you are.
We are all going to die.
The topic today is, what do we do until that time comes? Truth is most people live by some sort of code, or system, or set of beliefs that act as guidelines for our life.
Yet, we still end up hurting people, whether it be with the words we say or the things we do, or didn’t do. Maybe it was our lifestyle that hurt someone, the drinking, partying, lying, etc etc.
Somehow we justify our actions and our lifestyle to fit within the confines of our individual “moral code.”
Who suffers more than anyone from our actions?
I would have to say it’s the children, our kids, your kids, our nieces and nephews, the grandkids.
We give our kids everything they want without giving then what they need. YOU. They want to hang out with YOU dad, and YOU mom. In case you haven’t noticed they could care less what happens to their toys, they want to spend time with you, they don’t even care what you do, as long as you are there.
This part has weighed on me since the day my oldest son was born, kids today don’t have their dads. Dads are too busy doing other things, dads are too busy hanging out with other people, while kids stay at home with mom, who, by the way, already does all the housework, cooking and cleaning, doing the laundry. Kids are driving her crazy while she’s trying to take care of everyone. Where are you dads? I’m not talking about work, I’m talking about after work and weekends.
Your kids want face time with you, no they NEED face time with you.

Don’t worry I will attack moms another time, for now it’s on you dads, your kids need you to be there for them, it doesn’t matter if your building a lego tower or having a tea party, that time with you is more important than you realize. Put down your phone, turn off the TV and look at the faces of your kids when you play with them and I promise you will see the most beautiful smiles you’ve ever seen (except your wife’s of course). They will light right up, and it may not feel like it but they cherish those times with you, and they remember it forever.

I remember when I was about four years old, my dad took me with him in the combine. We lived in Kansas at the time and I don’t remember anything else but I remember how I felt climbing into that giant piece of equipment, I was the happiest kid in the world. Not because I was in a combine, but because my dad was in a combine with me. Why do I remember it thirty years later? Because, that day I felt like I was the most important part of my dads life. 
That is what kids will remember, they will remember how you made them feel, they will remember if they felt abandoned or if they felt like they were the most important people in your life.
You will have time for hobbies later, the game will be decided whether you watch or not.
Maybe you’ve seen the news, and you’ve seen what is happening to our kids, for the most part it is not the kids with good, present dads that are shooting up the schools, it’s not the kids with dads that are still in love with their moms that are joining the gangs.

I know I started this with a bunch of end of life questions, my point is, when I get to the end, my goal is that I did everything in my power to be their for my kids, that I showed them real love, that I taught them about Jesus and what He did for us. When I lay on my death bed my kids will be their. Their will be no uncertainty about where I’m going and that it’s only a matter of time that I will be reunited with them.
When I lay on my death bed I want to be anxious to meet Jesus, not regretful of my absence during my kids formative years.
When my end nears, my wife will know that I love her, she will not be left alone because as a family we followed Jesus. Jesus will carry her when I’m gone and my son’s will be responsible men that will look after their mom, because they learned from their dad what it means to love.
Hopefully my end will be a long time from now, I really don’t know why I started thinking about that but this is what was on my mind.

So, dads I challenge you, be their no matter what.
You will never regret hanging out with your family.

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