Dear atheist

I am a Christian, yes, you’re right you should probably stop reading now.
If, however you decide to keep reading, please do so with an open mind.

I often wonder how you got to the point in your life where you decided that atheism is the life for you.
Mr/Mrs atheist, I’ve read your blogs and I am not going to try to sound smarter than you, simply because, I’m not. You are more educated, you have more life experience, and over all you are very good at getting your point across.

Most of your blogs read in very much the same way. You are a skeptic, all those things that Christians believe in are just way too bizarre for someone as rational and logical as you to believe in. You confirm your skepticism by recounting a story or two of just how stupid us Christians really are. How could we believe, that?
We are uneducated, many of us are from smaller towns, or the south, and the only reason we believe what we believe is because we were raised that way.
Am I on track so far? Probably not, but I’ll keep going anyway.
You know what I find ironic? Anytime there is a link on Facebook that leads to a news story with any religious connotations at all, you atheists are there, by that I mean your comments always show up in the comments section, but only after a few of us Christians started talking. Your comments are, for the most part demeaning and confrontational, you call names, you make fun of our faith by saying things like, “I don’t believe in fairytales” or you call our God names and mock Him. Maybe you fancy yourself a “myth” buster, so you show up in our circles and try to disprove our beliefs and show us the light (pun intended). It’s odd because if we show up in your circles, you say we’re trying to force our beliefs on you.

The problem is you want us too see it your way, but you go about it by talking down to us and telling lies.
For example, some of you will say that their is no “absolute truth.” To which I would reply, “is that true?”
I’m not going to get too deep into that, because like you guys always say, I’m just not that smart.

In my experience though, you, atheists usually have many years of research you rely on to confirm your claims, but, in most cases your research is limited to your side of the debate. Most of you will read endless books written by atheists, for atheists.
Your history lessons are from books written by, you guessed it atheists.
You expect us to give you answers to your questions in nothing more than a sentence or two, if we don’t you walk away from us saying “they have no idea.” You also expect us to have done the research on both sides of the spectrum, while you limit your reading to books that affirm your faith, (yes what you believe requires faith), more on that a little later.

Question, have you read the Bible? I’d be willing to bet that most of you haven’t. Those that have, I would say good for you, then you know that the message of love supercedes everything, you also know that love is our way of life. 
At the very least I can respect someone who has read both sides of the debate with an open mind.

I can’t help but think, is atheism your way of life because somewhere, someone hurt you? Someone did something to you that made you ask the question, “how could a good God allow this to happen?”
I wonder if that someone who hurt you was a Christian, therefore your answer to the meaning of life is simple, only the strong survive. If someone who believes in a good God, could do this to me, than their can’t be a God.
Maybe you see the things happening around the world, you see the suffering, the pain, the bloodshed and you say “God loves us? How can He let this happen?”

What we (Christians) believe requires faith. We have a lot of things happening in the Bible that are hard to wrap our heads around. Some of it is very hard to believe.
What you believe also requires faith, I would argue, MORE faith. You have come up with a bunch of theories on life, one that simply states that our existence is….. an accident.

I have a request for you, when you insert yourself into Christian conversations, please be nice?
If you try to tell us we are wrong for no other reason than we are just stupid, ignorant, fairy tale believing morons, then you are being are bully. Atheist or Christian, no one likes are bully.

I understand that of our two faiths, only one can be true. So we will try to be nice to you, we hope you will also try to be at the very least civil towards us.
In closing I have one more query for you…..
I wonder, if you wonder, if
you’re wrong.
Sure you could say the same thing to me.
If you’re right, and I’m wrong you’ll never get the chance to tell me “I told you so.”
If I’m right and your wrong, we will both wish that I would have tried harder.

4 thoughts on “Dear atheist

  1. Again, nicely written. As a Christian I am intimidated by athiests and will shield away from confrontations. Although I know that’s not what my responsibility as a Christian is….. One day these people will regret their ignorance. Praying for those who are blinded!

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  2. I read the Bible, in full. That was how I lost my faith. It took years before I felt “sure” of that decision. I didn’t gain certainty by reading atheist books. It was 1984 and the only atheist book I was aware of was Bertrand Russell’s, “Why I am not a Christian,” which I did read but really didn’t care for. My certainty came when I read the works of Biblical scholars and came to understand the origins of the Bible as we know it.

    The assumption that atheists must have been damaged by other Christians or by something uncontrollable they blamed on God is a poor generalization at best, and not true for most non-believers I know. You would do well to drop that notion and just realize that we simply find the Bible to be not credible as the story of a deity of any kind.

    It’s clear you like to think of Atheism as just another faith, but isn’t faith defined as belief without evidence? Setting aside for the moment the difference between atheism and science, I do try to base my thinking on something verifiable. As I recall, Jesus didn’t approve when Thomas took that approach.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I apologize for the generalization, I don’t like when people generalize Christians, I shouldn’t do that either.
      I am happy to hear that you’ve read the entire Bible and that you’ve read the work of Biblical scholars, I think that’s great.
      If I may, I’d like to suggest some reading for you, I found these extremely helpful.
      “The case for Christ” By Lee Strobe
      Or “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” by Norman L Geisler.
      If you decide not to read them that’s OK, but if you do then I would love to know what you think.
      Anyway, have a great day.


      1. I’m not familiar with Geisler’s work, but I’ve read so many excerpts from “The Case for Christ” that I almost feel like I’ve read it. Unfortunately for Mr. Strobel, his education is in journalism and law, and not history, archeology or theology. As a result his writing is often held up as examples of how not to do historical analysis by people who actually have that training. You can consult “The Case Against the Case for Christ” by an actual N.T. scholar, or for a brief glimpse of what you’ll find you could go here:

        I’m currently working my way through “Arguing About Gods” by Graham Oppy. It’s a dense work, but it essentially analyzes the various arguments on both sides.

        Take care.


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