Christian vs……. Christian?

Have you ever had a conversation with another Christian that left you thoroughly confused?

Maybe you are, shall we say, unchurched and you simply asked a question, and the answer you got wasn’t an answer at all?

Maybe you belong to another religion, and after talking to a Christian you left feeling completely condemned?

If you are on the outside looking in, us Christians can seem like a bunch of crazies that don’t have it together at all, and the truth is, we don’t.

As a whole we can’t agree anything, we don’t know if we should read the King James Bible, the New King James, the New International Version, the ESV, NLT, ASV or the New NIV.
We don’t agree on music, inside and outside of the church, should we use instruments, or just the piano, or maybe only a guitar, or two, a whole worship team, or the biggest question when it comes to music inside the church doors, to drum, or not to drum?
Outside of church our debate on music is just as exhausting, is it OK to listen to country? What about rock? Can we listen to Christian Rock? Gospel? The old school Hymns? Maybe we just stick to no music at all?

What about our theology? Are we supposed to associate with unbelievers, or not? What about homosexuals? How do we treat the adulterers? Do we forgive the people that hurt us, or hang it over their heads for the rest of their lives? Are we really supposed to pick whether we are Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, or just Protestant?

If you’re reading this and you aren’t a Christian, let me start by saying, I’m sorry. We have given you very few reasons to look at us seriously, we really do care about you, we just don’t know how to show you. In case you’re wondering, yes we are trying to convert you, but this can come across as us looking down on you, us judging you, or even condemning you if you don’t agree with us right away.
Sometimes we look at evangelism as our job, and not as a relationship, we can look at it as our means of earning our way into heaven. Much the same way we do good works to earn our salvation, we forget that our saviour earned it for us, we don’t have to keep proving ourselves, yet when we approach someone with the gospel we see a number and not a person and we end up pushing them away from Jesus and not towards Him.
The way we look at it is if sin is a disease, then Jesus is the cure. If we don’t try to give you the cure we are being selfish. Jesus can save you from this disease we call sin and we see ourselves as His voice, His hands and feet if you will.
As Christians we feel a tremendous amount of joy, being saved by Jesus. All we want is that you feel the same peace that we feel. We are supposed to share the gospel with you, sometimes this sounds like we have truly lost our minds. At the end of the day we love Jesus, and if we’re talking to you about Him, we love you too, give us a little credit, we know what your thinking when we talk about Jesus. “Oh boy, here he goes again, will he ever just shut up and leave me alone”? We just want to share our joy with you.

For those of you that are Christian, can’t we just agree that we believe in God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Couldn’t we just agree that the Bible is the living word of God?
I’ve heard it said, “if you look at Christians as an army, than the Christian army is the only army that shoots it’s own soldiers”
We have got to stop attacking each other. We all have scripture that we refer to when we feel we need to defend our position on something, so what do we do when we question each others actions? We smack each other with the Bible. The Bible says this, the Bible says that. If it doesn’t say what we want, then we twist it so it does.
How, brothers and sisters in Christ, are we going to attract anyone to come with us to church if we keep this up?
Look, you’re probably right when you confront someone about their sin, I’m just asking that when you do it, do it the same that you would expect it be done for you.
I’m about to quote a non Christian band so please go easy on me, “when we stand together” (thanks Nickleback) we will be much more effective, so it doesn’t matter if you are “a hands in the air” kind of worshipper or not. It doesn’t matter what denomination your from. Or if you hang out with people that sin, remember that you suffer from the same affliction, don’t forget that all we need is Jesus. Even after we’re saved.

I guess my point is that I hope when the subject of my faith comes up in conversation I remember what Jesus did for me, and not what you did or didn’t do in church this morning.
I challenge you forget about the inequity of your fellow sinner and remember how great Jesus is.
Last but not least, I dare you (and myself) to live on Friday night the same way you do on Sunday morning.
If we have any hope of attracting people to our faith, then it shouldn’t be Christian Vs Christian. It should be sinner Vs sin.
Before we take the speck out of our brothers eye, let us first take the plank out of our own eye.

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