Prayer in school.

It’s been almost thirty years since prayer was banned from the public school system in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t praying in school.
I don’t mean the quick prayers kids say before that big test “please God help me pass”.
I am talking about the board approved prayer rooms that Muslim students get so that they can go and pray multiple times a day. These rooms are available whenever they need them, and especially on Friday afternoons because that is their most important prayer of the week.

Why are our schools filled with people that constantly aim to squeeze out any hint of Christianity? While at the same time turn a blind eye to Muslim prayer rooms?
What is so offensive about the the Lord’s prayer? Would we rather live in a world like the middle east? I’m just trying to figure out why Christians are being squeezed out and Muslims are greeted with a special room dedicated to prayer.

Back in 1985, each day started with kids reciting the Lords prayer, teachers taught things like math, reading, writing, geography, and history. You know the history that says we were created, not the “history” that says we evolved from monkeys. Kids were not taught about sexual orientation or sexual identity….. Sorry I’m getting off topic.
Maybe you’ve noticed the increase in school violence, school shootings, or the bullying that sometimes leads to suicide.
Maybe praying in school has nothing to do with that, maybe it does. I don’t know, but if we think inviting Muslim prayer into our schools is going to make it better, let’s just wait and see.

Also in 1985, three parents sued the public school board in Sudbury Ontario claiming that their children were victims of discrimination because during the reciting of the Lords prayer they were asked to sit in the hallway if they didn’t want to participate in this morning routine.
In 1988 these three people won their lawsuit and the Lord’s prayer was banned from ALL public schools in Ontario, the complaint of three people changed the way of school life for millions of students, whether we liked or not.
Who were these three people? One is Jewish, one is Muslim, and one is self described as an unbeliever.
This just begs the question, how do three people get to decide for an entire province what happens in school?
Maybe you’ve noticed the protests and the petitions or the social media uproar concerning the liberals latest effort to alter the way our kids think, yes I am talking about the new sex ed curriculum. I know,  I know this post isn’t about that, my point is tens of thousands of people have voiced their displeasure concerning this curriculum and yet the liberal government moves forward. Three people complain and the entire province conforms. Thousands disagree with Wynne and she ignores you.

This might get me in trouble but I’m gonna say it anyway, I do not expect the public school to teach my children about Jesus, I will do that.
When they have questions about other religions I will answer those questions also.
Forcing Jesus on people will not make them Christians.
Forcing Allah on me won’t make me Muslim.
We can’t force our beliefs on others, that doesn’t work, we already know that. We tried that during the crusades, it didn’t work then and it isn’t going to work now.
As Christians we see it as our job to spread the gospel, school was one way we could teach kids about God.
We can still spread the gospel at school, how? The short answer is, kids talk about what their parents are doing so if we make a point of talking about Jesus, and praying with our kids and loving our kids the way Jesus commanded. Our kids will go to school and tell their freinds, the freinds will go home and talk to their parents about it.
We don’t need structured time at school to spread the good news, we need to live like Jesus.
So, yes I am ok with schools being inviting to everyone, I can’t think of a better way for my little disciples to go and spread the good news.

Having said all that, if we aren’t going to pray in school, if we aren’t going allow Christians to pray than I don’t think we should allow Muslims to pray in school either, not to mention giving them rooms to do it.
If I demanded that my kids get a special room to go and pray every morning before they start their day, would I get it? I don’t think so. So why do Muslim students get that right? If their is no prayer in school, then their should be NO prayer in school, period. Especially not to Allah.
If our schools are secular than we should leave them secular and that means that Muslim students can do their prayers outside of school just like Christian students are expected to.
So, again I ask why is it OK for Muslims to pray in school and not Christians?

Once again, just to be clear, I do not hate anyone, I do not hate Muslims.  I only want them held to the same standards that we are expected to meet.

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