What I’m about

Hi, thanks for visiting.

I’ll just start by saying that I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m not sure why the idea of blogging came to me. There are millions of blogs out there, why would people want to visit mine? I hope the answer is that we can relate. I’ve read a lot of interesting comments and opinions on other blogs, my goal is to say things that will get you thinking. Whether that be thinking about Christianity for the first time, or thinking about the world a little differently or taking a whole new look at society around you.

I will not intentionally try to offend anyone, nor will I say anything with a hateful heart. That said this blog is about the world today through the lens of Christianity, so I know that if I actually get people to read this blog, I will most certainly attract people with differing opinions and beliefs. I will try to be like Jesus when I say things that are very different than what society says, because it will be different.

Just so you know, I’ve been married for twelve years now, I love my wife she’s my best friend. We are very proud parents of two boys they are two and four years old. Why do you need to know that? Well, when I make comments about parents, or parenting, or the way our schools are being run, you should know that I am experiencing these things not just outside looking in.

I could go on, after all that’s what we “bloggers” do right? For now though I have to go to my real job.

Thanks again.

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